Grand Opening for The Gallery at Monroe Regional Airport With Artwork from International Artist Don Cincone

Friday, December 16, 2016 - 4:15pm

WHAT: Grand Opening Wine & Cheese event for The Gallery (art gallery) sponsored by Origin Bank, inside the Monroe Regional Airport The event will feature artwork by internationally acclaimed artist Don Cincone.

WHEN: 5:30 pm until 7 pm Tuesday, December 20, 2016

WHERE: Monroe Regional Airport, 5400 Operations Road, Monroe, LA

What is The Gallery?  The Gallery, sponsored by Origin Bank, is a small collection of art from a single, local artist in the main terminal at the Monroe Regional Airport.  It is the result of a collaborative effort between the Monroe Regional Airport, Origin Bank and the Masur Museum of Art in pursuit of promoting an appreciation and understanding of visual art. As an important part of the Monroe Regional Airport strategic plan, it is also meant to enhance our traveler's flying experience and the general public's perception of the airport.  Our goal is to feature a new local artist as often as possible during the year.

Our first featured artist for the grand opening is Don Cincone (pronounced sin-koh-nee), an internationally renowned teacher of mixed media and pointillism techniques (otherwise known as "dot art"). He also just happens to be a native of Northeast Louisiana. Cincone graciously offered to be the interim artist during the holidays (without MUCH arm twisting...). 

The soft opening of The Gallery will introduce his magnificent collection that includes several different examples showcasing his technical range, from framed watercolors to one-of-a-kind original acrylics on canvas. Displayed with natural lighting and spotlights, these paintings jump off the canvas with vibrant colors and hidden treasures-if you know where to look! 

Themes of "local interest" abound like selling farm-raised produce, fishing, bareback horse riding and hunting.  He will tell stories to enlighten not only his paintings but fuel our imaginations, using historical references and firsthand experiences from his world travel before and after WWII. 

Hours of operation are currently limited by request, but after the soft opening on Dec. 20, the Gallery will be open from 6a-10p for passengers, their family and local friends to stroll through at their own pace. Please come expecting to be amazed!  With the opening of the new restaurant

"Unique Food for the Soul" from 5a-2p and the new lounge "Flight 318" from 1p-10p, Monroe Regional Airport is the new place to be!

In January, The Gallery will feature another exciting Northeast Louisiana native, artist Gabe Cardinale.  Cardinale is a freelance Art Director who specializes in interactive multimedia and digital transfers.  More information is soon to come.

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