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Citizens that wish to organize a parade or special event will need to complete a permit to authorize the event within the guidelines of the Monroe City Code as stipulated within Section 33.91 through 33.102.

The permit is available for download here, which can be completed at your convenience, or you pick up the permit from the Patrol Division of MPD at 700 Wood Street.

Applicants are encouraged to complete the permit application as soon as possible. This will allow sufficient time to review and/or make necessary changes to your request.

The following information is provided to assist you with planning your event. Please see the text of the actual ordinance for further details.

Procedure For Special Event Permits

Article IV of the Monroe Municipal code covers parades and special events. "Parade" is any parade, exhibition, pageant, or procession of any kind or any similar display in or upon any street, park, or other public place in the city.

Parade permit is a permit as required by this article.

Exceptions to a parade permit are:
1) Funerals
2) Students going to or from school, or participating in educational activities.

Process of Application for a Special Permit

Persons should apply not less than 6 days prior to an event, nor more than 15 days prior to the date of the proposed parade. The application can be downloaded online here, or picked up from the Patrol Division at MPD. The application should be filled out in its entirety. (See Sec 33.93)

Insurance Requirements

Spectator / Special Event Liability Insurance will be required for parades and special events. The policy must be for the duration of the event and must be a minimum of $200,000 however, the suggested amount of liability insurance is $1,000,000 or $3,000,000. Some larger events, such as those with a very large number of people, over a broad area, or utilizing special vehicles, may require this higher coverage amount.

A certificate of liability insurance must be attached to the parade permit prior to be submitted for approval by the Chief of Police.

Permit Review

The Chief of Police will approve or disapprove a parade or special event permit. (See Sec 33.95) Once approved, MPD will notify the applicant and send a copy of the permit to the applicant. The permit will specify requirements pertaining to police security as deemed necessary by the Chief of Police.

Special Events Involving Alcoholic Beverages

Any event where alcohol is sold, given, or consumed in a public place will require an open container alcohol exemption, which must be granted by the City Council. To receive this exemption, the applicant should contact the City Council at (318) 329-2252 at least one month prior to the event in order to be placed on the official council agenda.