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To report a fire or other emergency in the City of Monroe, dial 911

Terry L. Williams, Fire Chief
Hello, I am Terry Williams, Fire Chief for the City of Monroe. I am proud to represent one of the best fire departments in the United States. The Monroe Fire Department has the honor of being a Class 1 fire department which can only be claimed by a very small number of departments throughout the country. This Class 1 fire rating is a result of the hard work exhibited by the many men and women of our department. Not only does the department hold a Class 1 rating, we provide a first class service to the citizens of the City of Monroe and the many visitors we receive on a daily basis. The mission of the fire service is to “preserve life and property.” This is a great challenge that we humbly accept and take immense satisfaction in during every response, knowing that we have provided the best service to the citizens we serve.
• Purchasing New Fire Trucks
• Updating Tools/Equipment
• Relocating Communications Center
• Upgrading Fire Station Living Environment
• Upgrading Department Software
• 10th Monroe Fire Academy (18 recruits scheduled to graduate in 2015)
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