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The Monroe Police Department Investigative Bureau is commanded by Major Billy Kemp staffed by 14 Detectives, 1 Evidence Officer, and 5 Secretaries.

The Bureau is divided into Crimes against Persons and Crimes against Property. Although all felony crimes are investigated, the Bureau place special emphasis on Auto Thefts, Juvenile Crimes, Missing Persons, Forgery, Counterfeiting, Pawn Shops, Domestic Violence, Elderly Abuse, Hate Crimes, Robberies, Burglaries and Homicides.

The Bureau investigated a total of 2,367 cases during the 2009 calendar year and solved 1,875 for a clearance rate of 79% which is consistent with the national average. It should be noted that the Bureau has solved the 37 of the last 39 homicides dating back to 2005 for a clearance rate of 95%. Thus, the Investigative Bureau homicide clearance rate significantly exceeds the national average of 65%. The two unsolved cases occurred on December 2, 2005 and February 14, 2008. Please see the Cold Cases or Crimestoppers section of this website for additional information about the aforementioned homicides and assist us in identifying the suspects.

The Investigative Bureau is responsible for the receiving, storage and court authorized disposal of items submitted to the Evidence Room. In 2009, the Evidence Officer received 7,562 items, destroyed 1,414 items and released 2,486 items. Additionally, the Evidence Officer makes several trips each year to transport items to the North Louisiana Crime Lab in Shreveport, Louisiana for DNA testing.

The Pawn Shop Unit and Stenographers are also assigned to the Investigative Bureau. The Pawn Shop Unit logged more than 26,724 tickets and recovered a little more than $7,300 worth of stolen property. The Stenographers are responsible for transcribing digital recordings of interviews conducted by the Bureau's investigators. As such, the three Stenographers transcribe approximately 200 recordings each year.

The Criminal Investigative Bureau is committed to excellence during criminal investigations through innovative and efficient use of our resources. We are committed to achieving the greatest gains, preventing the greatest losses and bringing offenders to justice by seeking the truth deterred neither by fear or prejudice.